2008 G8 Magnacharged

The magnacharger install is a relatively easy install for even the novice mechanic due to magnachargers attention to detail instructions.After the install was complete we tied her down to the dyno and turned the drums to the sound of 435 rwhp and 420ft lbs of torque! not a bad number considering the 3200 stall soaks up a sizeable percentage of power. Basically what you get is a 130hp upgrade that can be daily driven with increased fuel mileage under normal conditions and let her eat pavement when its time to go hammer down!

We later re-dynoed the car after converting the car back to the factory stall for better drivability.  The car turned the drums to a whopping 456/450.  So far the car has rocketed down the quarter mile in a blazing 11.83 @ 115 mph.


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